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I will be waiting
because you told me so
I will be waiting
because I know that you’ll come back
But if you don’t
I will go back in time
and find you where
I keep my secret dreams
And there you will be waiting
a hundred years
or until when
the light of your eyes
will fade away
in the darkness of my memories.



Dissolve my thoughts
like floating ice
on deep blue water
and make me aware
of the vibrating life
of light on snow.
My conquered heart
is aching with desire
and yearns for Thee.
For Thee my eyes are open wide
For Thee my song
For Thee my youth
and what is left
of hopes and dreams.



What if I could touch the snow
with trembling hands
and stop the time now?
And what if I could embrace
inside my heart and thoughts
the greatness of the mountains?
Would I become like them,
or snow, or light?
Or would I change and find myself
as wind blowing over the grass?
Perhaps I will wake up
and feel the touch
of God’s breath.



I see the darkness all around
The night has swallowed all the stars
So dark that I’m afraid I’m blind
I light a candle
I see a shadow on the wall
I need another light
and then another…
I hear the thunder
or is the blood inside my head?
A war perhaps and cannons
a cry for help
a wolf defying the winds of winter
the cracking wood
a pace
a shutting door.
NO !!! This isn’t fear
and it is not the dying
that keeps me running
on an empty room
It is the loosing of my body’s limits
the dissolution of my inner self
the distance I discover in my cells
the colour grey
the silence of my thoughts
It is an absence
the words without a sound
the image I no more
can understand on empty mirrors
I feel no pain
for I’ve become the pain
the wild beat of my heart
Explosions in my head…
A moment and I am lost
into the FEAR.





A symphony of leaves and grasses
plays gently in the lazy afternoon,
a seagull streaks the sky
like a line of glittering pearls,
a stain of grey clouds
stretches the fingers to hide
the dying sun,
covers the blue
and lets the rain free.
Droplets rebound on the soft leaves
and the grass trembles
like violins strings.
Bent over their long stems
the flowers of my garden
accept with humble grace
the blessing of the summer rain
falling ever so gentle
over the land
and over my heart.


THE SEVENTH DAY (Listen on Youtube)


Night, dark night,
night without beginning,
verticality of all the falls
in wells that swallow words and lights.
After the waiting,
the silence of the darkness
was broken by the fusion of atoms
collecting from afar into one point
to which all lives are tied.
Stardust gathered into clusters
vibrating in space.
Prisons of ice melting into rivers
cooled the magma
and black rocks floated into land
from which volcanoes rumbling
spilled fire and thunder.
The strength discovered in the chains,
from two to millions,
began to build the complex spirals,
exchanging, screening, breathing,
forming… LIFE.
While the worlds expanding
drew webs of energy
from which nothing escapes,
the need of time arose
I was, I am, I will be…
The longing for eternity
was born under the shadow of a tree
inviting to the sin
that only man could make.
Emerging from the caves
the blade of Cain
reached the heart of Abel
and blood spilled over
and filled the land.
Clouds gathered, thick and black
and tried to wash the blood with rain,
until the land was sea.
But when it dried
the stain remained
and then became a nail,
a spear, a cross, a cry for help
unheard may be!
A few of them began
to spread the Word around
and they could walk on water
until the needle’s eye
became an open gate
and camels were allowed
to cross the sacred door.
Witches and priests gathered
all in the name of God
to lead the wars of conquest
and build the walls and jails.
Some of them were burned
and some remain alive
to keep the tower growing,
they speak in many tongues.
The blade has now become
a cannon and a bomb,
a wire, an image,
a reason to believe in.
They run, they’ve all forgotten,
they turn the stones to dust,
they’re raping all the land
and turning black the air.
They, they, they… Us!
All in the name of God!
For sure today He’s resting.



You closed the door today
and nothing seems the same,
The sun, the light,
the brightness of a smile,
the word, the song,
the laughter from a child.
If you'd gather the clouds
I've seen in all my life
and the darkness of nights
when the sleep couldn't come
You'd find a thread,
a maze, a wall,
a distance and a sigh,
a call a cry,
a fear of falling,
a living on the edge,
among the ghosts and shadows
the howling dog,
the trembling of the earth,
the snake, the hawks,
the falls and scratches on the knees,
the winter rain,
the burning sun of summer,
the fire on the hills,
the friends, the dead,
a spiral and a cage,
the broken wings.
And most of all
you'll find the waiting,
the waiting for a touch,
the stretching of the arms,
the empty hands,
the hope you brought,
the change, the new,
the whispers and the tears.
But every season passes
and time reopens scars.
You closed the door today
and left my heart behind.
I'll walk alone again,
until I find another you.




Oh Alaska, how the promise of riches
and how the certainty of cold winter nights
make my heart shiver in waiting!
As a trapper I came
and scarred the white with steps
unwanted in the virgin snow.
I spread the web of my deceiving nets
across the mountains
where the bear is king,
where glaciers grinding slowly
carry sand and echo
with the voice of distant drums.
As a merchant I came
and brought all my possessions,
the heavy load of pearls
I'd gathered on the beaches
in all my lonely travels
and garments made of silk
from China, and from New Delhi
I've brought oriental rugs
and precious stones...
and pain.
As a miner I came
and dug with hands into your frozen guts.
The winds were mute into the buried volts
that brought me deeper
into distant wonder
And gold I found with blood
I left along the weary trail.
And in becoming wind,
in soaring like an eagle,
I lost all my desires
and all my trembling "why?"
You stole my darkest nights
and gave me only days
with never ending sun.
I dread your winter sleep
and all the nights in white,
a beauty in northern silence,
perhaps I'll never see.
Embracing you Alaska,
my soul became a mountain,
a field of humble willows,
one of the pines you nourish,
a valley across the mountains,
a path along a river
a cloud around McKinley.
I lost myself at sea
along your coastal reef.
You offered me the peace
and I gave you my heart.
As a miner I dug
and found a heart of gold
As a trapper I run
and let my brothers free
As a merchant I came
and bought your shiny glow
As a pilgrim I go,
to let the others know.

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