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Teo is a boy with the autism syndrome. Isolated in his world, he looks for shelter in the country where he meets the trees with which he is able to communicate and becomes friend with them. The form of the tree suggests him the name. Thus he meets the "Old Wise", "The solitary", "The proud" and all the other ones with which he is able to speak and from whom he learns their wisdom.
While he is talking to “the lovers”, a girl arrives, Gaia; she has a scarf over her head. He discovers that she doesn't have any hair because she takes some medication to fight her illness. She has the ability to converse with the trees like him and her life becomes entangled with Teo’s. Together they meet other trees and learn to be tolerant and to accept their condition.
Gaia is obliged to go to the hospital to have surgery on her head. Teo goes to visit her with his parents following a suggestion by the Old Wise, who has also recommended to bring her a gift of a sprig of the tree. The dialog at the hospital hints at the hope of healing: Teo shows her the photo of a tree that survived the rage of a fire that burnt almost everything growing in the land and he evokes some emotions in the adults and succeeds in strengthening the hope of healing in Gaia.
The waiting for his friend becomes too long and Teo loses every hope of seeing her again. When his mother finally announces that Gaia is back, he doesn't want to believe her; he is still secluded in his world.
His father brings him to the house in the country and suggests to him to go to the Old Wise. Under the olive tree he sees a girl with a scarf over her head. He remembers the words of the Old Wise: "Reality is made of things that you can see… and things that you can’t, like dreams, desires, fear… ". he thinks that the vision belongs to the reality he can’t see: Gaia is only in his dream… Then… the epilogue.


The endless journey


Novel by

Paolo Ruiz



Surreal mystery (2008)

Luca has some extraordinary abilities. He is able to perceive the thoughts of people he meets.
A lightning strikes him while trying to pick up the mistletoe from an oak that seems identical to the Major Oak of Sherwood.
His disintegration leads him to the center of the universe and the Big Bang.
He is in a coma for a month and when he wakes up, he wants to verify if what he has seen during his journey, has been real or instead the effect of his altered state.
He goes back to the places where he has witnessed some strange happenings during the vision. He finds some mysterious signs in Sherwood, Athens, Syracuse and Machu Picchu where he has lived as a Druid, a Greek and an Inca.
The journey will bring him to the discovery of the existence of parallel lives until the stunning conclusion.



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